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Welcome to our small, secure residential community in the heart of San Miguel de Allende historic center! San Miguel de Allende is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the crown jewel of Colonial Mexico; you could not choose a better vacation rental home than the Elegant Casitas at Cinco Flores. Rent direct by owner.
Why? Four reasons: Location, Security, Comfort and Choices.

We are just a 30 second walk (one level block) to the Jardin, the energy center of San Miguel de Allende. When you walk out the door, you might encounter a wedding party with giant puppets (mojigangas), street singers, a tequila donkey or the ladies who sell flowers on the street - who knows? But you will certainly find restaurants of all kinds, galleries, shops, cafes and endless social activity. Being this close to all that San Miguel de Allende has to offer is priceless.

San Miguel de Allende is quite a safe city compared with others of it's size in the US - despite the alarming news printed in American and Canadian newspapers. For one thing almost no one in Mexico has a gun except in some border areas and a few towns important to the drug trade.

What relatively minimal crime there is in San Miguel usually happens in the very small hours of the morning. Also - if Cinco Flores Elegant Casitas is your home base, you'll be in the well-lit Centro area so close that you'll spend little time on the streets walking home.

Finally, we have a very secure main door, and an inter-com system that allows you to control access. Each casita has a secure entry door and a securely locked door to your outdoor living area.

Comfort & Choices:
When you enter Cinco Flores vacation rental casitas from the cobblestone street, you enter a world of flowers, fountains and bright warm colors - this is the world of Old Mexico. Within the privacy of your casita you will find all the amenities that make your stay comfortable and convenient: purified water throughout, a gas fireplace for cool mornings, WiFi.

The furnishings are attractive and comfortable. Fine art and craft pieces surround you. There is cable TV and a fully equipped kitchen. Each casita has a furnished terrace with comfortable places to to sit, to eat and to rest with coffee in the morning or a margarita as you watch the sunset.

There is light housekeeping twice weekly.

With five vacation rental casitas one is bound to fit your needs.



Robert and Carol Merchasin

Cinco Flores - Aldama 4 - Colonia Centro San Miguel de Allende, GTO 37700      (US) 510 458 7292